Q:  Do I have to pay to post events
A:  No, posting of events is free

Q:  What kind of events can I post?
A:  Network in your city is a destination for businesses and individuals who want to network to develop their business or their career, if your event helps them achieve that goal, you are welcome to post it.

Q:  Can I post events happening anywhere in the United States?
A:  For the time being, Network In Your City is limits events taking place in Southern California (San Diego, Orange and Riverside Counties) but as time goes, our intent is to expand our sphere of influence to include surrounding states and later to expand nationwide.

Q:  I posted my event but I don’t see it in the calendar.
A:  To insure quality and avoid spam, all events are reviewed before showing on the calendar.  We will usually review them within 24hrs.

Q: How do I post my events
A: At the bottom of the calendar you will find a link :Add your event”, click on it and the rest is self explanatory

Q:  How do I post a link to my RSVP or to my event information page
A:  In the description section, high light the text you want to link, the link icons in the toolbar will be activated, click on it and a window will open to add the link

Q: How much information shoiuld I include in the description
A: include as much information as possible

Q: Will people be able to see the event location on a map?
A:  Yes, if you add the full address in the location box, they will be able to click on the link and open a map showing the location.

Q:   Can I post recurring events
A:  Yes, at the bottom of the window, click on “This event repeats” and enter the information

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