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Facebook starts to deploy the new Timeline for businesses and brands

Facebook just started to make Timeline available for business pages, all pages will be switched to Timeline on March 30.  There is a lot to like about it and  some to dislike.

What to like:

  • For a start, Timeline has a more graphics oriented interface.  That will allow even small businesses to brand themselves at a much more affordable cost
  • The timeline allows businesses to tell their story, from birth, a great tool to build relationships with customers and prospects.  Everybody likes a good story and sharing the story of your brand or business will help forge stronger bonds with your audience, leading to more engagement and more sales.
  • The cover photo is now 851px by 315pix and can easily be changed to promote new services, specials, events, you name it.  A piece of advice, choose a high resolution image instead of picking a low resolution image already on your Facebook page.
  • You can now “anchor” stories for up to 7 days, anchored stories will be features at the top of your feed.
  • Highlight stories  with a star if they are important, hides the ones that are not driving engagement.
  • Show miles stones on your timeline, important events, number of fans, new stores, new campaigns, build your story
  • Timeline is based on engaging and communicating with your audience
  • Users will be see how many of their friends like your page and what their friends say about your business or brand
  • The admin panel is more extensive and notifies you of new comments, new “like”, messages and Insights in a single view, making it easier to see what is happening on your page

What’s not to like:

  • Branding is more limited than previously, Facebook wants uniformity in the interface, as a result, extensive branding options have been removed and it will be interesting to see how big brands that made extensive use of page customization will adapt.
  • Custom tabs have been removed and replaced by a limited number of apps (5), that’s including the Facebook preferred apps, you will have to be very selective)
  • More work and expense, the interface investment you put in your previous page is, well… gone
  • It will take more time and interactions to build followers, but again, interactions are what social media is about in the first place.

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